Anomalous diffusion experimental data set

The following data set contains localization data from the following experiments:

  1. Fluorescent beads diffusing in H-actin networks with different mesh sizes demonstrating Fractional Brownian motion
  2. Fluorescent beads of two different sizes diffusing in a water-glycerol solution demonstrating Brownian motion with two diffusion coefficients
  3. Fluorescent transmembrane proteins demonstrating a combination of Fractional Brownian motion and Continuous Time Random Walk

Each MAT file in the set contains a matrix of 3 columns - x,y pixel locations and trajectory number.

- Download all three files to the same folder. 
- extract ''

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

The Neural network models trained to analyse this data can be found in our github repository

If you use this dataset, please cite our work:

N. Granik, L.E. Weiss, E. Nehme ,M. Levin, M. Chein, E. Perlson, Y. Roichman, Y. Shechtman 
Single particle diffusion characterization by deep learning Biophysical Journal, (2019).


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